Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet Joni...Decorator... Stampington Mixed Media & altered art designer

Joni Greenman works from home ON CALL for Stampington & co. they create the Somerset books LIFE and
WHERE WOMEN CREATE magazines (plus many more titles) ALL of us ADORE and have a slight ADDICTION to.

Joni frequently receives packages in the mail from Stampington of new designs in stamps and products.
She then creates and writes a tutorial for the design created.
Frequently she sends in many photos to be chosen for upcoming publications.
(you may want to ask her about this when you come in).
We should try this out.

She showed me a book called INSPIRATIONS 2008 in which there are probably 20 of her tutorials
which MAY I SAY are creative ad beyond spectacular
Would expect no less from Joni.

Lucky us... LIVE products arriving each week at JUST A BED OF ROSES
in Farmington, Utah

I have mentioned on this blog before that while in deep study of a new LIFE issue I would see a few pages and say to goodness... this looks JUST LIKE Joni's work, not even realizing she worked for them.
Sure enough...there was her name!
How exciting JONI!

Wouldn't you love her job?

At Just a Bed of Roses we are PRIVILEDGED  and EXCITED to enjoy the benefits of her work.
She has now joined the shop in creating for us to purchase...Yeah for us!

Not only that...BIG NEWS here, she will be working a few days a week in display and helping
you with your purchases.

Joni and I go back 20 years... to a little shop called Country Way gifts and Antiques
in which I owned on 10th  Wash.blvd Odgen. 1990.
She was feminine & Pretty VICTORIAN and consigned the lovliest of vintage gifts with lace and satin and home decor.
She was shabby vintage chic before there was even a name for it.
After I sold the business we rented a booth at the Quilted Bear in the General store in Salt Lake, we would haul our vintage goodies every week and re-do our space making it look just like eye candy.
We always took her most handsome little son Bridger with us.
He was an angel.
(Her cute daughter being in school, my 4 children in school also.)
Joni loves her job of wife and mother first of all in life.
She has a B.S. degree in Family & consumer science, she worked at McKay Dee Hospital
and in 1985 began creating for local boutiques.

 Ogden Quilted Bear opened and we had a big space rented together and filled it up
with our vintage treasures again.
Joni became window and store displayer/buyer for quilted bear for 15 years when it moved to the North end of the Newgate Mall I'm sure you have seen her fabulous windows.
Joni decorates LIKE A MAGAZINE
Purely fascinating and I learned alot from her.
She lives in the most amazing Victorian home in which she & husband designed along
with a yard to drool over.
A piece of art always in the making.
She has always loved antiques.

I tell you all this as Joni is quite MISS HUMBLE PIE
and she will not tell you of her accomplishments without a little prying.
(you have my permission to drag it out of her)!
You will have to come see them each week as I know she will be bringing in many fun
creative pieces and you will have no resistance to leave them in the shop.
She worked last Saturday and I just had to giggle out loud
when I saw some of the things she had done with displays.
of courseI noticed every detail
and like many of you... you will too!
By the end of summer we should be about as charming as we can get!

Right now...Who wants to think abou the end of summer?
See you soon!

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