Wednesday, June 2, 2010

General Store, Jaynas Altered art, My new cat

Altered art LONG NECLACES from Jaynas RESTOCKED...I always say they tickle your funny bone and these are no exception, take some time to come read.
Best gifts!
The green one reminds me of the General Store, they have the Mother lode of Old suitcases RIGHT NOW...

General store in Layton is filling up fast...the owner just returned from a big buying trip. Besides... I got a new SUPRISE PRESENT for my garage and one stall had to be totally cleaned out IMMEDIATLY to make room for it. Stall #2 is preparing for another BIG SUPRISE PRESENT to fill that space.(back breaking and worth it!)

You know what that means for me... besides riding in style and listening to the 60's music and forgetting to stop off to work because life is SO fun in a new Mercedes? I must name it, its my cat on 4 wheels, charcoal gray, PURRS so soft cause I'm always petting it, just have to feed it gas...

It MEANS that I am helping load up the GENERAL STORE ALSO...look for the tea dyed tags and weekly drop offs of great deals.
GENERAL STORE is located on the north corner in Layton on Gentile and Main. closed Mondays. Open some great hours... those brave gals...11-7
Tell them Just a Bed of Roses sent you...and promise I will show up to work this matter how much I love those 60's tunes.
      Hope I don't end up in St.George one morning... really???

                      JUNE IS OUR CLEARANCE MONTH.

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