Sunday, June 27, 2010


We enjoy vintage sewn  pretty linens with flowers

And we Sing "I have a garden" from old Primary books etc.

We read poems and how to's on growing a garden
beginners and pro's

Some grow the most SPECTACULAR GARDENS EVER...
like My husbands brother Ron. This is just ONE ROW of his garden
I couldn't even begin to tell you how many plants there are.
He might could tell us.
It's his love and passion... it's also in his gene pool.

Here is Mrs. Cow...she is acting like anyone pregnant would behave in the morning
when a camera is pointed her way...

so this is THE END

Happy gardening with plenty of fertilizer to go around!

                             P.S. Since we are on the subject of Birthing..
                                on this bloglist under Feeding relationships
                           the new blog post is about things my mother taught me.
                    25 to be exact...for a good belly laugh you may want to read them.

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