Thursday, June 17, 2010


Camping back in the 40-50's photo available at shop
check out the old pop bottles off to the side.

Enjoyed reading this rags to riches autobiography of Larry H Miller
Titled correctly

This is Larry & his young  family at the All American Mount Rushmore
Have you been there?
Worth the trip

Larry was an avid baseball player
He had so much energy and ambition.
He had his glory days
and tells of regrets.

Till death do us part...but NOT this time.
I had Mr. Roses pull his frowny face as this may be his
last day with the red Toyota, he usually hangs on and on AND on to his vehicles.
a little sympathy here folks for him...please!
Can you see the new tree in place behind him?
Our lonely only pine

He now has a new big boy TOY
He's not quite sure how to handle this
and the smile is back on his face.

ALMOST... fits...not quite...lets move the junk a little further in
and lets try it again...

No minor feat...tah dah!!!

And this is what WE have done so far this summer.

Good luck with cleaning YOUR garage.
Maybe YOU could have a fantastic garage sale and I could come to it,
after all...this new truck can hold YOUR goodies
and I have some extra space inside!
well, not really.

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