Friday, June 18, 2010

Birdnests, Cobwebs & vintage yard decor

Black Rocker makes a great porch chair...
whats that I see in the mirror...why it's the barber taking photos of the neighborhood
with HIS Fathers day camera

Diligently went in search of a gift for my babys 28th birthday...thought of
the birdnest plants for his new home.Proudly said we would even plant them.
However, he took off on a fishing trip. No respect!
We will have to celebrate our 38th anniversary
without him this year.
Yes, born on OUR day!

These are ours, and I adore them, they are a norway birdnest pine
or something like that.

These are something like succulent red cobwebs
they'll be just right for October 
Bought them for him also
Guess what...we kept them ALL
they must be planted.
Think he will care...probably not!
Always on plan B...and plan B always works.

Vintage trellis for sale at the shop
it's a cutie pie!
Start you a collection around your yard.
Have a Happy Fathers Day week-end
shop hours Saturday: 11-3-4:00
come early!

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