Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hoarding at it's MOST SPECTACULARist in St. George and more...

Butterfields in St. George on St. george Blvd. south side.
opens at 1:30 p.m. I told her I would advertise.
The red SELLING OUT SIGN...just a sales tactic
IMPOSSIBLE and she loves
this stuff just too much!
Husband found  THIS SIGN...had no idea there was a DOWNSTAIRS!
and this is what I found down there.
Total overwhelmed, but found one item will share with you sometime.

Stairway...yes hold onto the handrail
ALL ROOMS were this way
Dont forget there is a big garage out back that I would bet hasn't been opened
in many a year!
Shhhhhhhhhhhh.... didn't tell her I took these pictures.
Where to even start?
The thing I bought was ON TOP of a pile.
No digging this year for me.
The WHOLE upstairs rooms WERE THIS WAY...display cases FULL TO THE BRIM
STACKED FLOOR TO CEILING... much nicer stuff upstairs.
She is a treat to meet almost like a whole story book could be written about her
she intrigued me that much..
Just a note on the heat...
she only has a fan blowing behind HER!
And you know St. George is as hot as you know where...
just warning you
It may be like IN AND OUT Burgers
That's why I only bought 2 things
would have stayed all day.
Pricing not cheap
some are outdated prices from years ago though
it could be a bargain now!

Also went to Urban Chic on the North side of road and more'll like.

Went to Tarzan and Cats at Tuachan outdoor amphitheater, didn't love these
shows this many apes and cat dancings for me!
Next year though: Wizard of Oz and Grease...Must see!
You can find motels/show packages.
Try the Marriotts.
The rage down there was called 25th Main cafe, which was a diner that sold
yummy cupcakes (peanut butter chocolate was MMMM), and people were flocking
in for lunch...seemed a bit oddly decorated, I had a like/not like as some of the
art work was too off the wall weird for me.
Aqua was all good.
Guess we are use to these places up North.
Wasn't tempted for lunch, if you go there let me know!

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