Monday, January 25, 2010

WHERE WOMEN CREATE...beyond spectacular

How can this be? Every issue is always beyond spectacular and I have not even sat down to look at it. It arrived at 2:00 today at shop and as the customers came in we browsed through, went crazy over each marvelous page and then sold many copies.
Gina Galvin...okay, my new idol, at market Shellie and I adored her, she is so off the wall fabulous and
to see what I believe is her home is even more off the wall, but of course I am showing you before I even sit down to read and ponder every single inch of this book. So who knows! Miss Peacock is getting first priority though.
I haven't told you...I did an order from her...when it arrives...who knows... but I am preparing the shop for it in the mean time.
And then onto Pat Best...oh the creativity that gal has!
Jo Packham puts out THE BEST BOOK EVER!
Must man, Jack Baur of 24 will be on tv before I get through a few pages of this book.
Because it's snowing tomorrow...I may arrive a bit late at the shop plan on noon for sure okay...and we have got sales going this week.
If you need where women create mailed to can call with your visa 20.00 with shipping and it will be at your home probably in one-two days!

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