Monday, January 18, 2010


New Bling silver jewelry....for the Queen!
Our other jewelry is still on sale this week 30% off

Not accepting an audience...that naughty Queen, how dare she?

Beyond stunning crowned birds and silver crowns to take you into Romancing your home for this season.

Silver LOVE letters (the colors are reflecting off my Little girls are preparing gifts of Love

Romance  someone with vintage cards and shiney mini crowns

Day by's coming together for the beautiful season of Love.

Just a note: "Going to Market" is completed... I'm overstimulated and SHOULD be exhausted  ...actually  I'm excited
that this year has been planned through Christmas. (a relief too!)

It's going to be exciting to make changes each week with new merchandise and "new" looks to pull off, I love everything that was ordered for you and I snuck a few things in for myself ( proprietress must take care of her decorating needs too!). Will share!

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