Sunday, January 10, 2010

BECAUSE I LOVE YOU...Silver Sunday #2...

To my SILVER HAIRED PARENTS of mine! Happy 82nd Birthday Dad, last evening we as brothers and sisters pulled off a spur of the moment Birthday party at Typhoons at the Gateway. Grateful as ever that my father has the strong endurance and excitement for life to keep going as he does.( we do try to stop him at some things though!) One thing I thought about my dad...he is consistant in the things he has done through out his life. Same loves, same convictions. Same strengths. There was also SILVER haired husband of mine and a few brother in laws too.
I'd show the picture but my triple chin keeps showing up!

                 Newly acquired book of poems...BECAUSE I LOVE YOU copyright 1894 inside inscripted: For You, MY DEAREST FRIEND,
These poems, expressing what is truest and noblest and best in human affection, and leading to the dearer love of God, are selected and arranged because I love you. Anna E. Mack. Because I can't seem to put a price tag on this book right now..yes, I too have fallen in love with it, I will occasionally share poems from it until Valentines Day arrives. (may sell  it Valentines week!)

Very old Valentine Post card with red ribbon yes!
Many Oldies Valentine post cards arriving at shop Monday.
We have a FABULOUS JEWELRY SALE...THIS WEEK ONLY...30%  OFF ALL OF IT except Jayna's soldered art charms and neclaces. We have never ever done this before...this includes VINTAGE PIECES ALSO...YEAH for all of us!!!

Visit the for much more VINTAGE SILVER SUNDAY blogs. Looking forward to showing next weeks silver too so come on back. Of course we do vintage here nearly every day at Just a Bed of Roses.

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