Saturday, January 30, 2010

FUNNIEST BLOG EVER...permission granted...let the laugh out loud begin!

Meet Lisa Bingham of Syracuse...although she is a very talented and hilarious customer of the shop I had NO idea HOW MUCH this sense of humor of everyday life with her and her family was SO BIG.( I should have known...) 
That is until yesterday when a dear friend of hers was in getting her LIFT before going home reading & buying Jaynas neclaces and told me Lisa had a blog. My eyes lit up...hoped she would share it with me. I told her she would remain nameless unless she wants to starts with a J and NO Lisa it was not my sister.(close enough though)

I had no idea what I would find, I came home from a real busy day of work and sat down to search out Lisa's blog...and this is what I and shoe...she really needs some explainin'.
Then I saw her favorite colors aqua and red...what baffles me...there are no pictures. How did she pull off the most awesome blog ...and NO PICTURES...UNHEARD OF. (not to mention she is born/raised with a family of photographers.)  more explainin Lisa.

What truely amazes me is how she titles her blog Post with ONE WORD.
Then what FLABERGASTS me (I haven't used that word forever until now) is how that one word turns into a post of MANY MANY hilarious topics...YOU'LL SEE! (so never let the title throw you off!)

I will let HER tell you who her parents are...and her sisters who comment and you will want to visit their blogs as the apples DID NOT fall far from this WOODS tree at all.

At Christmas time Lisa's mother and her girls (married women) came in the shop to buy each other gifts and they were practicing how they were going to act suprised when they opened their packages. It was beyond funny to me. But they got what they wanted for women too!

Okay friends...put pillows around your computer chair (in case you fall off) and put on a depends, you will laugh until you ___(starts with a P and ends in e)  and you won't want to quit reading. Please comment and let Lisa know what you think of her hilarious life. 

I haven't dared venture into her 2009...maybe tomorrow.
Today I must show up to work.
Thanks Lisa for sharing your TALENT...yes it is American Idol worthy... top 2!

Carl, Mr. Bed of Roses just asked "are we family now Lisa?"

Let the LAUGH OUT LOUD begin...and Happy One Hundred posts Lisa!
  You will always find her on the blog list too.

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