Saturday, January 9, 2010


HEAVENSONG...a perfect name for this NEW CD by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. Music of Contemplation and Light.
It's helping me!

CONTEMPLATING...colors & styles

 Was Informed my 12' antique Saloon counter -Scrapbook /Journal center had to be emptied out in order to be moved away from wall so it could be textured and painted...not on MY LIST of important things to do!

A Sampling of the organization of my scrapbooking / journaling centers INSIDES! Yikes!
Really YIKES!
I contemplate times past with each drawer and box I peek know this feeling.

Isn't this how we start out the NEW a bit of DISORDER?

P.S. I literally fell out the door of the shop yesterday to the ground on hands and knees...wonder who saw me??? Pride yesterday...Today I feel a bit like a bicycle hit me!.
Don't laugh...I should show you my skinned knees!
I can hear you!!!

Thank goodness HEAVENSONG came out just in time to fill up my needs.

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