Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Antique DAYS OF THE WEEK POST it the Big Bad Wolf?

Days of the week...some very antique Post Cards...I have not done any research on them...they came from an estate. I think they would be wonderful to frame them as they need to be loved & preserved.
Not even sure the age. If anyone has an idea feel free to leave a comment.
They are for sell in the shop as a set of 6.
Is it the Big Bad Wolf?
I'm in shock...Easter is outselling Valentines right now, of course we did get a fun shipment of bunnies and eggs and they cannot be re-ordered...always the good stuff, why didn't I just order more?

One of our sassy funky lines of jewelry showed up...this is fun quality (lifetime guarantee even) stuff...I want all of it. So why didn't I order myself one of each?

Lots of sales going on like some purses are 1/2 off, others 25% off.
All jewerly except handmade and new arrivals 30% off
Sock monkeys 20% off
Vintage glass 20% off too.
If you find anything Christmas...1/2 off.
Sales Sales & Sales

If you need a gigantic Birdcage to lock your children in...check out my daughters blog:  its on my bloglist. You'll want to stay forever just to listen to the sweet wonderland music...I know I could.
She will be selling some fabulous birdcages soon.

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