Sunday, January 24, 2010

Antique POPSICLE MOLD for Silver sunday & CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies

This sweet treasure I bought many years ago from an antique dealer out of Montana, she had 10 of them I bought one of her last two and I didnt hesistate to find the $200.00 she wanted for it. It's just one of those things you rarely see. I will wait for my friend Susan of antiques to maybe comment some information on it as I have no knowledge about the Popsicle company and how it was started. I would adore some old pictures of the making of these to go with this old piece of history. If anyone in blogland has anything please let me know.

It would have been such a slow process to make the famous popsicle wouldn't it?  And it heavy.

This morning Mr. Bed of Roses made THE BEST and I mean THE BEST soft oatmeal chocolate chip cookies can find the recipe on my blog list at Delicious Dales...this family of girls know how to cook. Thanks ERICA ...and Gwendolyns talk in church this morning made me cry...she is the most amazing 12 year old, I love her to pieces. Your an amazing mother. We sat in church SO overdosed on these cookies, they will be the only ones Carl ever cooks, I'm pretty sure of it.
Follow the directions EXACTLY LIKE IT SAYS...we had to cook just 2 mins. longer.
Happy Silver on gypsyfish.blogspot to enjoy others!
Susan, we will be awaiting your knowledge on popsicles!
P.S. I just made the paper roses in clay pots tucked in with vintage book pages...they will be arriving at the shop Monday morning...among other handmade goodies. I love a day off from the fun to create new things to bring in!
See you soon.

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