Thursday, January 7, 2010

I hate it when EXERCISE is the answer...

True story today...when you walk into Barnes and Noble right smack in front of you now is the table of all the diets etc. in the world...I thought...NO, not another  "one of those books" for me, my mission was to get grandkids Valentines present books, my dad a diabetic topic book and a CD for myself.
Then out of the corner of my eye THIS BOOK was saying "pick me up, pick me up"...SO I DID!

I had just come from a mini physical at RCWillys, kind of a mandatory thing from our insurance program. I had come out of there and sat in the parking lot and cried. My blood pressure was 20 numbers up from what I wanted, cholestrol just a little more than necessary, my one eye really bad, my body fat...well...that's obvious and the answer to resolving most of this...EXERCISE!
Now that sounds easy, and really when I do it I'm fine, lots of benefits, you know all that stuff too.

But it meant that it's EXERCISE NOW...not when I want to, but NOW.
I would much rather WATCH the contestants on Biggest Loser show exercise than do it myself though...much less painful and sweaty.
If there is something that sounds fun to share with you I certainly will.
Thank goodness Mr. Bed of Roses had some of the  same symptoms and he's on board too!

He also let me walk out of the store with carpet samples and I had my eye on several bar stools...I went to the paint store for matching there WAS A RAINBOW at the end of this storm!

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