Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh darn

Oh darn, wanted to share with you the vintage skeletons, black cat and punkin baskets, black cat flicker lights, wonderful silver glitter designs in paris & very chic styles, halloween candy, spooky bracelets...and I will price the new estate vintage when I can pull myself back to'll just have to go in and see for yourself and get yourself all decorated for fall. It will lift your spirits and those around you. My son just stopped in and was telling me how fun it was to come home from work to a place all decorated for Halloween (not my house, his). He wondered if it was too early, heavens no!!!

Want to share my sympathy with the Woods family at this time, such a sad ordeal going on in Farmington right now. I don't know any details whatsoever, only what I have seen on the news. If any of you have been affected with this please know that we at Just a bed of roses are saddened and give you a big hug.

Hope to get the computer working properly this weekend...hope hope hope. You dont have problems like this do you???

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Mimi Sue said...

That was so sad. I feel so for the Wood family. What a waste. I was hoping that it could be worked out. Good luck with your computer. Mimi