Monday, September 22, 2008

Mamma Mia ... oh oh!

Have you seen Mamma Mia...
Seems to be quite the chic flic...take as many girlfriends as possible and have a blast singing along with the actresses...and Pierce B. Oh, and don't forget to tell the audience members how many times you have been to the show!!! The most I have heard so far is 5 sister-in-law!

Now lets get real here...I loved the scenery, all the decor, vintage beds, dishes and the beautiful aquas and oranges. I gave a quiz to mr. afterwards and he couldnt tell me one thing about the decor or colors...such a man! The wedding table all vintage plates and depression glasses, neatest antique beds, stained aqua walls and quaint buildings so full of character. I would go see the show again just to enjoy more.
There was a lady in her sixties next to me...she sang EVERY word to the songs...wonder how many times she has been to it?
Men can go husband has the words to the songs memorized also as we took the cd with us on the long ride to St. George, we didn't have a clue what the show was about, so it was fun to put two and two together.
The moral issues of the show...well, 3 dads? Naughty Merrill Streep! I don't endorce them, however it made for a very funny, ecentric, light hearted movie we seem to be craving right now.

Took lots of shop pictures, also have some endorcements, will put them on this evening as I am using the computer that crashed and not sure the pictures will download without tweeking this computer some more. Isnt it aweful to lose all the information and have to re-insert it.


jeni said...

I loved that movie too! Can't wait to see your photos of new things! My Mom and I were having withdrawals with you being gone. Welcome back!

Mimi Sue said...

It sounds like a fun movie. We usually go to the Kaysville Theatre. We love that place! We just have to wait awhile til the movie gets there. Have a great week. Mimi