Friday, September 5, 2008

My sisters yard sale in Syracuse

my sister who lives in Syracuse is having a big yard sale today...I have helped her out with 2 truck loads of miscellaneous craft items, junk, chipped dishes, unfinished projects, abused items too. I'm almost embarassed. anyway she will sell extrememly cheap...1-3.00 most items for sure. She is selling her own items and my daughters too so this will not be a little yard sale. its just north of the bluff elementary, not hard to find. The sale is today Friday and Saturday, she starts early like 7:00 and probably will go till 5 or knowing her till dark. Here is her address:797 W. 2300 S in syracuse. She's very nice, you will love her. Good luck too!
As for the shop...purses purses and more purses...and can you beleive I ordered even more this morning...well, they are just so awesome I know you are going to love them. Lots of animal prints and fall colors, got a bright red and some orangy ones too. Priced from 24.00-65.00
$50.00 & more purchases Friday and Saturday you will receive one of our packaged so sweetly faux desserts made from pretty little towels! Im still waiting for the HALOWEEN CUPCAKES to arrive...where are they? Hope they didnt get in Hurricane Gustov!

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Mimi Sue said...

I'll have to go check out that yard sale tomorrow. Thanks for letting us know. Mimi