Sunday, September 7, 2008

1949 Greeting Card & Psychic...are you scared?

This card came from a recent estate...just had to share with you , don't you think its a bit scarey!
Its made in 1949 and in mint condition.
Suppose its time to share more Phychic's been a slow process because things have had to play out, you'll see why.
Being told that there was something heavy and weighing over the top of my shop gave me a bit of a scare as I am like A Mother bird just building her nest each and every day. I got that phrase from Donna O Kearney, the artist and co-author of Human Art that I love so much, she has a unique gift & talent of catagorizing people, and it amazingly just fit me with the shop. The psychic had no idea what the shop looked like, only knowing it was in Farmington.
The psychic really acted puzzled, stating that ...well.... maybe to have the wiring, plumbing and keys all checked, which I did and then decided to call the landlord and discuss the reading and now he thinks I am a phsyco! However...he did send over an electrician!!! Scared him too, huh?
Back to the heaviness hanging over the shop...the shop has renters above it (psychic did not know this nor did I ever tell her) and that very morning when I went to work I had strong words (first time EVER) with the renter man, here is why...his wife had been coming down all week hugging on me, drunker than I had ever seen her, and saying she was leaving him secretly and she was trying to work it out to leave, we had become very good friends too. It was the first time I had ever seen her beaten up and I begged her to go through with it or I would report it. That morning I heard him yell at her and I told him if I heard one thing I would call 911. Of course he wasnt too happy about that. I seriously was frightened all month that there was going to be a death or something really bad was going to happen with them.
Making the story short...they moved out (what a blessing), she stayed with him (they sometimes do), and the new renter is susie spotless, loves light and is tougher than a speeding bullet.
Come to find out the renters were living in deep filth, this is what alchoholism sometimes comes down to, there were burn marks everywhere (scarey), people coming and going ,so this must have been the darkness hanging over my shop...the psychic was right! There is no way she knew about renters above the shop or the style of it.
I'm a beleiver...well, there is more, must wait for some of it to play out though....part 3 coming.
One thing she said was I was a writer...would write a childrens book...that I know is off. The only thing I write is this blog.

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Just be...... said...

Thanks for sharing a cool post! I Totally believe that people have all kinds of gifts...
I'm glad the" heaviness "over your shop has left.

Also don't be to quick to deny your gift. Check out for a cheap way to self publish your childrens book.:)