Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall Smells & Flavors...

Have you noticed fall in the air...light rain cleaning out the air, perking up the fall sun flowers, chilly nights making the mountains look as if buckets of orange yellow and red paints have been splashed over them.
The air that now smells like Hot sauce, peaches, watermelons, grapes, pickles and the favorite garden foods you lovingly place in your empty canning jars are cooking on the stoves. In fact our stove caught fire sunday, so a new one arrives today. So, Let me tell the truth here...I would love to tell you that all those bottles in our pantry were put there by myself...however I have the best husband who loves to fill our bottles with his favorite recipe of Salsa. Notice he does quart bottles. One year he bottled 150 qts and we both said never again! He did buy pint bottles at an estate sale yesterday for his gift giving hot sauce. Our grown up children would never forgive him if he didnt bottle his hot sauce. Last year was the only exception...the major back surgery, no garden.
Hope you too have been enjoying the fruits of the harvest...filling your pantries with yummy recipes. We were watching a certain watermelon grow out in the garden named Jack as it was the biggest...last week we picked jack and he weighed 30 lbs!!!
The timing must of been right as it was sooo delicious. Isnt mother nature interesting? A little black seed turns into something so wonderful...and cherry tomatoes...arent they delightful. I should just park a chair right next to those plants with a great book and eat until my tummy says "stop"!
I hope you too are enjoying your harvest and gathering it in for the winter months. MMMMM gotta love the smells! It's the season for giving thanks and I am thankful for Mr. Bed of Roses filling up our I better go wash the kitchen floor, you know what that gets like this time of year!!!
Today is a day off for me...squeezing in a "must have massage"...restocking recreations, and thursday I will bring in another big stack of antique tablecloths, some just worthy of making fun projects and others to be enjoyed, prices will be very reasonable on them. You may want to visit Darci at the shop today, she said the Halloween ceramic cupcakes came in and all purses 20% off today!


Mimi Sue said...

I do love fall and all the fall activities. Since all my kids are gone it's hard for me to get motivated to do much canning. I'll be in soon to get one of the polka dot pumpkins. I hope you still have some. Mimi

Jenni B said...

Fun to hear what you are doing this time of the year. Everything is still so green here in Virginia, but I've seen spots of red here and there. And it's still 90 degrees out. I'll take it until December...:)

Jenni B

Mimi Sue said...

Hope everything is OK over there. Miss your posts. Love my polka dot pumpkin. Is it OK if I take a picture of your shop and use it for a post? Mimi