Saturday, September 20, 2008

Glorious rain bringing in fall

Get your fall boxes out of the closets's time to celebrate fall!

Each day at the shop it gets more and more fun as Halloween creatures are pulled out of boxs and put into their rightful places...and then a customer comes along, falls in love with one and we get to redo that spot...but hey, thats the job description here at Just a Bed of Roses.

Sunday...or this evening (hmmm) I'm planning on posting with pictures some new fall decor, some very glittery, whimsical, and some just plain primitive, it's all good.

The first of the week we took a quickie trip to warm , 98 degree sunny St. George. Found a few new places I will show pictures and share with you in case you get a wild hair to run down there too for a few days. Tuachan...Broadway in the desert is so amazing to us...The Big River, story of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn was an entertaining story and you cannot beleive it when the waterfall on the mountain in front of you comes right onto the stage and goes off the edge and the boys are paddling their thrilling.
Also Les Miserables played the next perfect evening...oh the talent there, and no need for even a jacket. Can you beleive I have never ever seen Le Miz, if any of you also have not seen this story its about time you do, its touching.

Trip was cut short...we have to really feel bad for Darci who was wanting to come see all of you a feew days at the shop...she started passing her 4th kidney stone...oh the poor thing!!! Get well!

Alayna is a new addition in the afternoons at the you ever think to yourself that you need another right arm...well she is mine. This 16 year old cutie is a natural born organizer and displayer, she is just a perfect fit for the shop. So when the shop gets all organized and you see me less stressed, you will know that she has been working hard. She may learn I am hopeless, but she's going to keep me on task, that girl!!! Oh, I must take a picture of her on her PINK paisley scooter...your going to be asking for one for Christmas, no kidding.

Smaller giraffe purses have arrived and there is always a big selection of purses in many colors and styles...did you know the hottest fall colors are purple and reds... with black and white...such eye catching colors.

See you soon...dont get wet today!

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