Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween & our Inner Child

Isn't it funny how Halloween can bring out the inner child in us?
Are you feeling it too?
I can hardly stand it...my grandchildrens family and I are going to Scarey Poppins at the Desert Star soon, we are going to get scared and do lots of laughing .
Other Halloween plans are in the making this month for us and I cant wait for the time to arrive...it's the Inner child, I'm sure!
Anyway, the computer is not allowing me to add pictures, answer emails etc. etc. So I feel lucky to at least share with you that at the shop this week the new products will be some beautifully packaged mineral baths and lotions graet for a lovely gift or to do some necessary pampering, fall purses , (next week some with crowns!) some big crystal neclaces only 13.00 you won't beleive it! Hopefully Friday the SPIDER WEB round tablecloths, runners, small spider doilies AND some window doilies will have arrived, you can call and reserve yours or just hurry in, they are so striking if you put a bright Halloween color under them... and as always products in the shop are always priced affordable.
Today we are bringing in an antique drop leaf table with old fruit decals I refinished along with a neat primitive counter...busy day and a great day to get rid of some more old piles in storage (husbands helping with those and more!)
See you soon

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Mimi Sue said...

I do love Oct. It must be a hold over from childhood. I'll be in soon to see all your new stuff. Need to start thinking about Christmas....Yikes Mimi