Sunday, September 7, 2008

Old Pop bottles, Big Mac's & estates

, Many customers ask what are my collections...well, I just LOVE everything OLD. Now Mr. Bed of Roses loves General Store items...having a fondness for OLD POP BOTTLES. He remembers riding on his dads old wagon peddling vegetables as a young boy(probably for a dollar a day) in Ogden and then stopping into the small neighborhood, store for a soda in the bottles.
This is a Birthday present he just received (from myself) to hold the Big Ones...Vess Cola was out of Ogden along with Beehive. We have a rule at our home...he gets his little room to collect and display all he wants AND I get the REST OF THE HOUSE!!!
This week we are buying from an estate of a 90 year old woman who truly loved to work with her hands, create and be organized. A few things we thought were just charming...her Christmas was labeled in boxes so nicely and all handmade, all kind of little craft projects, a woman of my own kind for sure~
For those who go to estate sales you will agree when I say...there are some very common life styles of those who are now in their 80's and on can always count on boxes of old baby food jars in the pantry, bottled fruit from the 60's & 70's, handmade afghans, clothespins, hankies, lovely dishes, pink & aqua fabrics, an ice cream maker, tricycle, sleds, old spices, cards,Christmas wrapping paper & bows, received cards, sometimes Old spice and dusting powder along with some old worn out pieces of clothing.
Here you see a pair of Big Macs overalls, I am guessing from the 30's 40's? Safety Pinned up the tear, and hanging on a little nail in the corner of the pantry. Oh these makes me tear up. I wonder "why" are they still hanging there after all these years?
Will be shopping the estate garage this week...geez...just when we finally cleared out a parking space in our garage for ONE CAR! Means I better just get it quickly into the shop so you too can enjoy momentos of the Past.

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