Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Working VACATION...road trip day 2

The BROWSE AROUND is very western consignment antique shop, they play old western music while you shop, there is a shop inside that makes goats milk soap so it smells yummy inside. The character of the building just cant be beat for primitive antiques can it? You will find this if you turn right going to Logan , and the sign will say cache county Utah.

Had to check out the Huge Logan Deseret Industries at the north end of town. What's weird is there was nothing I liked to buy...that's really weird as the store is very big.
Have you eaten at the famous Bluebird (west side of road central part of Logan), homemade rolls, good food and service and very antique, probably original. As a decorator though, I just want to get my hands on that place and brighten it up, maybe keeping all original, but brightening up the tables, chairs and adding some pattern fabrics using some aquas, oranges, limes....I do this all the time, just sit me in a restaurant and I can have it completely re-decorated by the time I eat my lunch!!! Oh, they have handmade chocolates too!

Antique mall as you come into Logan, having many sales right now too, very nice people.

Where else is a charming gift shop on the south end Main in Brigham city. I especially love their purses and jewelry although not selling vintage there is a variety of home decor. The shabby paint on the building my husband was complaining about...i totally love it! What do you think

Then 6:00 p.m. we were off to buy an estate...this was an estate of beautiful crystal, silver , antique dishes, beaded purses, little figurines. Story goes like this...Minnie owned many of these beautiful pieces, she lived in South Dakota, she used them and also took great care of them too. Her daughter Lucy inherited the pieces at Minnies passing and she too used them and too great care of them. At her passing her daughter Pam inherited them and packed them into boxes, only to be seen until now. Pam only has wonderful kitties to leave this inheritance too, and so she wanted to be sure these lovely heirlooms were passed onto to someone who will adore, use, admire and enjoy them.
That's where you and I fit in...right? Each day this next week I will bring in a box of these beautiful pieces. The purses will come in today along with some crystal spooner, shakers, and a pretty fall dish. I will try to remember to write on the tag that it was Minnies or Lucies, then we can be sure where these pieces come from. I thank Pam so much for the phone call to come and purchase her heirlooms and promise they will be loved and treasured by all of us at Just a bed of Roses for years to come.

P.S. I have been tea dying tons of laces in so many new styles, so this week the bundles will be added to. Also new style zebra print purses are coming next week, fall colored purses too. Vintage jewelry and linens are always coming in daily now. Oh, and Halloween cupcakes & figurines hopefully will arrive today!!!

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Just be...... said...

I've found such fun things at Logan's Antique Mall. Next time stop by when you're in the neighborhood.

Did Jeni give you the phone number of my friend whos's closing her antique store and wants to unload a lot of things??? If not contact me for her info. The place is packed full of all kinds of things.