Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And some more "good things" have arrived

Victoria Bliss fall issue has arrived as you can see by the titles of these articles you'll want to dive right in to this magazine...I'm about to indulge myself right now!
Sample of cool Chunky bracelets...Peace, All this and brains too, even pretty fall bracelets!

Peace signs are IN, can you see all the bling, the gold neclace has a bling P for peace, if your name is Patty or Pam you could get away with it being an initial neclace! Shabby & black colors.

Whoa ...these big silver peace earrings sure do remind me of the 60's...when you wanted (or WERE) to be a peace loving hippy, the bigger the better for hoop earrings. This is just a start on the peace jewelry coming in.
Yesterday at least 25 zebra and giraffe print bags came in...with a few new styles and colored trims. And TODAY, I'm hoping for more styles to arrive in sparkly shabby colored zebras & more.
I beleive its the Davis County Fair going on this week...hope you can go pet a few animals, eat some Fair food and come down to shop in historic farmington.

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