Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Enjoying Summer Days... so

My computer crashed again...some bug or the USER or something I will use the laptop. I wanted to show you a picture of the Florida Keys, when we were there last Feb. we went to Ernest Hemmingways home and there were 45 lazycats on the property, most had 6 toes on each foot, Hope they are all well with this Hurricane going through there and all the tourists who are on Cruises. That has to be alarming. Will show pictures one day when I find them!
Will take pictures today...of some Halloween Trick or Treatin kitties,pink/chocolate candy corn, metal pumpkins, paprika colored wooden totes & watering can. My nail gal Staci will know fall is in the air when she sees my Paprika colored nails tomorrow! Oh, and I did some Vintage Jewelry shopping...will take pictures of the fun shabby & fall pins.
In fact, Darci will be working Wednesdays for a month so we will have any jewelry(except consignment jewelry) 10% off on Wednesdays through September!
I loved my day off...I sat on the front porch a minute and just soaked in the feeling of summer, oh the lazy susans so bright and pretty, the hay being harvested, dog laying by my feet (we are dog sitting), perfect day to spray paint & do projects. Bacon & tomatoe sandwiches, you know what I mean!
Husbands birthday today and while I am keeping shop he will start his fall marathon of canning hot sauce.(dont tell him about golfing...he may want to do it instead of gardening, okay!) That means the garden is coming on now. Will be taking some tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, jalapenos into the shop to sell each day, a little version of "Farmers Market" right here in Farmington! See you soon!

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