Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meet 4 of Grandma's pretties...I know I they really are the cutest (oops, there's that word again!) children ever because they are my precious grandchildren (4 of 7) who gave me a suprise visit at the shop. And talk about major stress inside the I think I'm getting an ulcer!!! Good grief couldnt they just all look at grandma for a pose without wiggling. Their names are Conner, Jurian, Stevi and Caprice and I love them more than anything. Aren't grandchildren the best things in this world, I could squeeze & kiss mine to pieces.
Another fun chunky bracelet...You can agree with me or you can be wrong. Think I will wear one home!
How about you? Work ,School or on a date....hmmmm!

Okay, sparkly green, pink and aqua zebra print purses didn't come today...However, I did see one Live and they will be worth the wait. Check out this lime green purse, we have it in black and I think a new style of orange and purple will be in shipment. Woo hoo! Poor UPS man...he thinks I am in love with him...I just dance and clap and get so excited when he pulls up to the curb, and always state that I love when he shows up with big brown boxes! Now, how can I get him to PAY for what's inside these big brown boxes of goodies?
And back to the psychic thing...why is it when SHE tells me to walk I do...why dont I walk when I tell me to walk or the DR tells me to walk...I think that's a bit psychic dont you? I'm pondering on what to tell next...some of it just has to take its course I suppose, and some of it better not take its course I know for sure. Oh, and Iron, I need iron...she was probably looking at my wrinkles and thought "she sure needs a good ironing! Hope I dont get burned...wink wink!

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