Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School

Here are my grandchildren just leaving for first day of school. conner the oldest is going to have payback to his mother for not having the right pants for him...we think he grew 6 inches over the summer time and his pants were ready for a flood! They were so excited!
Here is Caprice...she is just boo-hooing because she is still a bit to young and needs to be potty trained before she can go to school too, broke our hearts to see those tears!

Remember the days of going back to school, the excitement of deciding which outfit to wear for the first day, meeting your friends again and new teachers, learning how to get from class to class on time and shoving things into your lockers. Checking out boys...and them checking out Us! New school supplies and the parents wondering where the money was coming from. I was the oldest of the 5 children, but no worries as I had my little tantrums to get what I needed too!
When I went to school we could not even wear Levis...and got sent to see the Principal once because I wore them one day in my senior year! Can you even imagine!! That was 1971.

Hope you mothers can take a moment to come in and rejuvinate looking at pretty things. We have Fairy Dust mineral baths in beautiful fragrances you may want to treat yourself to a relaxing bath.
We are having a back to school, celebrate birthdays and any excuse for a family get together this afternoon. I have many ideas, products and new business' to tell you about each day this week, cant wait to share with you.

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