Friday, August 8, 2008

Can you see us now...

TThe shop can certainly be seen from the road now with all these white polka dots, doing a little more "shop branding" so we can't be missed! The shops Planters needed a new planting as the only survivors were these bright green potatoe vines. One thing I have learned is not to plant sun loving plants in shady spots, even though shop faces the south, the big trees just keep us shady all day...lesson learned. Aren't they beautiful, love the new plants much better anyway and I could look at them all day long. p.s. DONT tell the Landlord about the polka dots on his building...I told him we were doing some painting...not branding! I will take a picture of the new green paint too.
Hanging on the front door is a wonderful handpainted picture from Miss Sophey, don't you love the big pink flowers with polka dots and the beautiful blue sky. This girl knows how to use colors! Thank you so much Sophey...the customers comment everyday how happy your picture makes them feel.

This rusty metal plant crown I have made into a sweet vintage style bird feeder...the antique plate to place the seeds and an antique paperie tag with birdnest is the coolest adornment. I should put some seeds on it to try it out, shouldn't I? Wouldn't you agree it's a great accent to a garden or planter?

And in my spare time...lots of laughs here...I made a few framed jewelry & pretty paper holders using little roses fabric. I love how they turned out and so glamorous in the gold frames. So fun to put special momentos on them.

A favorite...every once in awhile I come across a vintage picture that is extremely wonderful, and this victorian girl holding her kitty that is just snuggling her neck and face is one of them.
It is framed antique gold with some brown & pink accents, and looks so beautiful in a shabby chic room. Very pretty with the reds and gold decor too.

Jeweled crowns in crystal pink & styles and priced 10-12.00 is all! Next week there are Peace sign neclaces and earring arriving...mid week for sure.

The popular colors for this season are blinging right before your eyes...arent they beautiful. Priced only 8.00 in fact ALL the new blingy rings will be 8.00 for August & September, now that's a great deal. Seriously now, the new purses will be delivered today or I will attack the UPS guy as he drives by without stopping. Another shipment is on the way for next week, new styles and colors a few purples and limey greens. Just to let you know...there will be orange purses coming...only not for a few weeks as it just reminds me of fall and I just can't put orange in the shop right now...a phobia or old fashioned I know! I think it will make summer last much longer I suppose.
I will take more pictures today as there is a seashell 50's purse one of you will not be able to live without I guarantee it! more thing...the Back Porch (behind shop) is being cleaned up today so that we can keep sale items and more to be sold out back, so look forward to that for next week.
My father is having his check-up today...his energy has doubled for sure mom says. So we love the pacemaker. Thanks for your love and concerns dear customers.


Angie(quillysilly) said...

Hi Brenda! I just wanted to say what a fabulous blog this is! I read your post about your dad. I am so glad to read that he is doing well. Funny enough, last week my grandfather had to have the exact same thing done! His beats were down to 25 per minute! He is also doing well... I'll be back to snoop around some more and your shop looks fantastic!!!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Brenda ~
I LOVE all of your new things for your shop ~ I also love the polka dots !! Oh my gosh store branding at its best !

Just be...... said...

Hi Brenda,

I'm really interested in the painting of the girl holding the cat. What is the size and how much? Also I'm on the look out for skeleton keys ( the antique ones ) if you have any.

I really must stop in your store one of these days!