Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swiss days and the WALL OF SHOPPERS!

The famous Wall Of shoppers...can you see how wide the isles are???Wonder why they don't widen the isles? If you are wondering where the pictures are of all the handmade merchandise filled to the brim in these booths...CAN'T GET CLOSE ENOUGH! We did see all we wanted, bought a few darling hair bows and purse for granddaughters birthday.

Now it wouldn't be the REAL SWISS DAYS if these long tree sticks with Witches Hats, scarey potions, bats and spells books weren't walking all over the place...they are usually sold out first hour and whats funny is that they are super popular year after year after year!

Tradition always takes us over the this place for lunch, can't leave without going here. Since I was with the diet Nazi (shellie) I had to chose this over berry pie and ice cream...only one choice!

New Fall Romantic Homes has arrived this week, love the aqua/brown cover too.
As far as Swiss Days...we have decided this was our last year to just isnt the same to us anymore. We both like merchandise with a vintage unique flair to it and it just isn't filling that need. In years past we could load up a car with fun holiday decor, dried florals, antique pieces. Decorating has changed alot...that's definitly not a bad thing though.
Shop will be getting ceramic Halloween cupcakes probably Tuesday and 2 big purse shipments with some new styles . Until then I will concentrate and focus on getting the store a bit more Haunted...


Janae said...

I didn't see you at Swiss Days, my booth was A36. Friday was a mad house!!! I painted some Witch boots that were real boots, painted, light added to them, and tea stained tags, Witch hats that were painted and 100 Halloween magnets that were all gone by 11:00 Friday. Saturday had a steady crowd but not as big of sales. Had a great time, the committee in charge are wonderful people to work with!
See you at the Fairgrounds show!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Oh Janae...some how we missed your vintage handpainted booth...darn! How did we do that? So glad you had alot of success. Then your booth would have been the only vintage except for the antique pins that were on the handmade witches, santas etc. Your witch boots sound awesome, love that you had lights in them, very clever.
I will come shop at the Fall Fairgrounds more for me...18 years was my limit. Shop takes every ounce of energy I have now. Thanks for your email.