Saturday, June 7, 2008

I think we can make it now the rain is gone...

Thats what I am singing right now, the sky is blue and beautiful but it wasnt this morning for the big yard sale, it was chilly! It was still wonderful to get it all out and dug through and some great selling went on for a few hours. By 11:00 we had loaded up and delivered all the left overs to the Deseret Industries in Ogden, so you can go buy our leftovers there next week.Thank you for your support hope it was sure to meet alot of you and see those I hadnt seen this year, hope you enjoy your new treasures, I know they were small ones, but still treasures.
So now on to ... ROUND TWO!!! This round is my workroom at home...I need to be working in it by the end of summer, so each day I will gather a box full of collectables and they will either go to the shop or to Re-Creations and by then I will have a BEAUTIFUL WORKROOM. I will put this on my vision board least I forget to follow through!!! Do you have a vision board too?
I am thinking in the early fall there is another county yard sale...I think this will be a must do until then see you at the shop and have a great summer!

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gail said...

I am glad your sale went well. It sounds like alot of fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love having visitors. LOl Have a great day Brenda, pink hugs, gail