Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 2 at market...Now I am broke and loving it, lol!

Day two of market was so fascinating...our feet are killing us and we are in bed early as we walked the 14 floors and more, plus went to a mall to find Shellie a formal dress, which we didnt find, thats because shes too skinny! Good grief this girl doesnt eat junk food!
Its nice to see colors are still in nice reds, blacks, chocolate browns, pink and aqua still going strong and crackly finishes are strong. Tons and tons of bling, on everything you can think of.
I will be bringing lots of bling back, tons of fun jewelry. one think I am dissapointed in is there isnt a big wow for the holidays...maybe because the market is soft...dont know really why.
But we have ordered like crazy, we may have to get us part time jobs to pay for it (of course just kidding!)
Must get some rest for round 3...coming up soon.

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