Monday, June 16, 2008

camera batteries not show & tell

It sometimes happens that when you have a week-end for some great kodak moments I pull out my camera (it goes everywhere I go) and the batteries have silently died. Too bad these cameras aren't set up with the noises our cell phones had.
We had the neatest time up to the cabin, where its beautifully green, quiet (well, until we got there) and cool for Fathers Day. We picked up our 4 most cutest grandchildren and spent the night and day. You know how young kids love to eat eat & eat some more, so WE did! At bedtime we lay in the dark looking out at the tall quakies blowing in the wind and someone always sees WITCHES out there! Oh No! Then the story telling begins and each gets a turn, then we giggle ALOT. Pretty soon we are OUT.
Our son Tim came up with his 2 children and so we ate great food and just hung out with dad as it was Fathers day. It seemed more like Mothers day as Dad had to wait on me alot as I am not feeling my best right now. Ouch! Tim saved the day...he brought a camera so I went nuts putting each child by the wooden moose snapping pictures, it was kind of teary for me to get out the scrapbook from 10 years ago there at the cabin and to see the changes in these children.
Hope all of you had a lovely Fathers day.

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