Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WEDNESDAY...20% OFF Vintage Linens & Quilts!

Yesterday I brought in 10 Vintage Quilts, each unique in style and design, they will make you ohhh and ahhhh! Also a few exquisite handmade vintage tablecloths, I dont know how the women did these things so beautifully.
Thursday will be 20% off anything made of METAL...lots of interesting vintage metal pieces.
Okay...I am still boxing up like crazy for the big yard sale this week-end at the weber county yard sale at the weber county fair grounds and seriously most things are one dollar and under The more you buy the cheaper it gets.Lots of small items for your projects.
The bigger items will be going to re-creations in Roy at big big savings, below wholesale. Go there and save yourself some big money!
Re-creations and just a bed of roses is closed on Mondays through the summer.

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Vickie said...

Hi Brenda,
My friend and I enjoyed our visit to your shop today. Thanks for the blogging advice and encouragement.
:O) Vickie