Friday, February 1, 2008

Meet SOPHEY HENDERSON a darling young ARTIST

I couldnt wait for Feb. 1st to come as I wanted to feature a darling young ARTIST who visits our shop, so meet Sophey Henderson. Saturday she suprised me by dropping by this handmade Valentine especially made for me, her mom's boss (as you can read on the right hand corner). She is a pretty blonde and probably 5-6 years old, I will double check that age. She has alot of creativity that just needs to come out, so she sits at the art table with her mother Kelly who is also a designer and they create away well into the night. Isnt it amazing how this is just something we are born with! And its more wonderful to have a mother that provides the opportunity to grow.
So Sophey, thank you so much for the special valentine you made me, I will treasure it and place it in the shop for everyone to enjoy your work. You are welcome to display your artwork anytime, how about something for Easter?


Lisa said...


I am speechless... your valentine artwork is beautiful. Keep up the good work sweetie. Your going to be a star


Antique Paperie said...

Beautiful Artwork Miss Sophey - I see a beautiful blooming Artist in your Valentines Picture! Keep up the good work sweetie -
xo Sherri