Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Meet "JUST BE" One of a kind Purses & more

One of my VERY favorite friends & customers is Jeni Carlson , I am so excited to introduce her to you, she is the marketer for JUST BE http://www.justbeonline.com/ TAKE A PEEK!
Jeni found Just a Bed of Roses I think either the day it opened or the day before as she has a special radar for vintage gift shops. On her website she is the cute girl with the brown hair and the cutest smile. When she walks into a room she just lights it up as she is ALWAYS HAPPY, positive, up on ALL the latest things that are popular and loves Shabby Chic anything! I am giong to beg her to let us show her Shabby Christmas at her home on our website next year, so Jeni you are being warned right now! She is the best mother of the two most adorable smart young men who have high aspirations, one is to be a pilot like his father. He has renamed his self "Jet"...how cute! Plus We LOVE HER MOTHER Elaine!

Jeni has MANY TALENTS and one being the marketer for a wonderful line of fabric handmade purses, wallets, skirts, belts and more. I am only showing a touch of what her company sells as each piece is one of a kind and truely unique pieces of fabrics and vintage adornments. Be sure to visit their website for much more plus they also accomodate shops with wholesale.

Jeni says "our company is unique because of our committment to not mass produce anything. Every design is a limited edition. We want our customers to have unique pieces at affordable prices. We also employ hard working women right here in Utah. Our Motto is "there is beauty in individuality" and we truly stand behind that"
Our customers love Just Be products. They sell products all over the United States, shop owners you may want to try some of these beauties! March 1st we will have Just be purses for sale on our website, be first to pick out one that is "just you" as you will LOVE THEM!
Jeni just added a BLOG...www.justbecafe.blogspot.com Stop in and send Congratulations!

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