Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Our Karen is at is can say it perfectly to YOUR SPECIAL VALENTINE with these framed ANTIQUE 30'S 40'S QUILTED HEARTS framed sayings. Karens work is meticulous and her sayings can TOUCH YOUR HEART. Look closely as she sews these old quilted hearts right onto the paper, they are not glued on. They are a piece of YESTERDAY that will become a TREASURED HEIRLOOM tomorrow.
If you find one OR more you cant live without come in and get first choice as each one is ONE OF A KIND. If you are viewing from another area, I will gladly package one up beautifully for you, we will need to add 7.95 shipping. Need more than one, the shipping will be adjusted.
Karen dropped off a new batch of Chocolate Caramel Granny Smith apples and pretzels, they too are a piece of art...MMMM a YUMMY VALENTINE GIFT! I will show them tomorrow, okay!
P.S. IT'S OUR FIRST YEAR BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK...come celebrate with us, I will give details Sunday!

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Antique Paperie said...

Oh these are beautiful! They look Country-Homespun and in the chic shabby frames...I just love them.
You are too cute - you just HAD to mention the Chocolate Caramel Granny Smith Apples, didn't ya!!!

All the photos you are taking of the Boutique merchandise is just gorgeous!! The Purses, those Framed Homespun Quilted Hearts....oh my gosh! I wish I could visit your Boutiqe :)
hugs my friend - xo Sher