Friday, February 15, 2008


Now that Valentines is over...lets think Spring! NO outfit is complete without a mini purse to put your lipstick, jewelries, medications etc. Aren't these about the cutest thing you have ever seen? They are a big hit here at Just a Bed of Roses, doesnt matter your age, all girls love purses in any size. We have at least a dozen designs and colors to pick from...they are even cheaper that way too as they are 2 for 10.00 or 6.00 each.

Oh so fun to tuck into a girls Easter Basket...did you realize Easter is 5 weeks away. Oh no, I cant find last years easter boxes of merchandise...Oh will be seeing all new. We are doing a chocolate easter this year...HOPE YOU DONT MIND!
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2 comments: said...

5 weeks!! ??? It does seem early this year. But I am sure ready for spring!!

Antique Paperie said...

Ok - NOW I am really missing my Brenda. When are you coming back from Paradise??!!! I am having withdrawels. Hurry Home dear, you are greatly missed!
xo Sherri