Saturday, February 2, 2008


Jayna showers us with her altered art and vintage jewelry addictions and guess WE are ALL ADDICTED TO HER ART, she picks up a new fan everyday, it's no wonder, not only is she nice but we just wonder what is going on inside her brain to produce the works of art she creates. there are NO COBWEBS inside her brain...too much commotion going on in there for spiders! Instead of overloading her work here, I will just tease you with bits and pieces every now and then. Just to remind you, she brings new creations in at least 3 times a week and she takes special orders on your family photos which the customers have been most pleased and pleasantly suprised. Plus she has agreed to have Just a Bed of Roses website sell her work so you can look forward to buying her goodies around the first of March...start saving you money and pray I can take decent pictures!

P.S...dont you love the neclace about goodness the gal has a gun! When I was raising my 4 children somedays I felt like her! I dont know how I got the bed side manner neclace in there, and dont know how to get it off...i'm embarassed, now my computer illiteracy is showing!