Saturday, February 2, 2008

ARTFUL BLOGGING Visually inspiring online journals

I'm off to meet new blogging artists this week-end, I can see there will be some sleep lost over this book...the cover of this book is a pretty piece of art, makes you want to eat it...well, I may be just needing something to munch on!

This book will be sold quarterly in our shop, be first to get a copy, I will even hold one back for you & call when this edition comes in and the summer issue in May.

My mind cannot comprehend what is inside this book and where it will take me, the internet is a big big place...will I come back home? For sure I'm not watcing the super bowl, why would I when there is a magnificent blogworld just waiting to discover...see you much much later!

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Julie Collings said...

hi brenda,
so happy you stopped by my blog and thank you for your lovely comments. i am a bit envious you have the newest edition of artful blogging, i haven't received my copy yet and can't wait to see it.
i have not been to your store, but would love to meet you. we have much in common. so fun you live so close by. your store is about 80 miles north of me but next time i am up that way i will give you a ring and stop by for lunch if you can get away.
xo julie