Friday, October 5, 2012

Ode to the Outhouse...

This is the new rug in my workspace
at home.
I had to add some depth with these
colors on the floor,
 besides the carpet is cream, it's a
 very dangerous color to have
in a workspace.
(what was I thinking, we are in
the country!)

The charcoal gray matches the paint
of an 7' antique display case
I use for counter space.

add an antique oak square table
for working holiday stuff...

and another very large
oval antique table with leaves,
this one will be for jewelry.

Ode to the outhouse in our
I'm pretty happy about this.

We have been it's keeper
since Mrs. Spiers passed away
around 25 years ago.
She was 100 years old.
(I think, or close).
We promised never to sell it,
but to give it to her great grandson, it's his turn.

It's a heavy beast, it took 6 men
just to slide onto the trailer.
I understand it's going to Cory's
"Other end of town"
I cannot wait to share this
Industrial creative place
with you.
WE are so happy for him.
He is so ambitious, I seriously
don't know how he sleeps at night
with all the art that must be
tossing in his head.


I took photo's for this blogpost
it was a different topic,
 cannot find my camera cord
for transfering.
This is why all the
"around the house"
See you this week-end!

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