Saturday, October 20, 2012

Broken doll costume

Entertaining 5 cutest grandchildren
this week-end...
find it's challenging to do a
healthy halloween
but I will try
they do like healthy
we'll see.

halloween hats
we have these big spiders at the shop
1/2 price even,
you could add some netting
and be a black widow?
All of our vintage hats are outside
today selling for 1/2 off,
includes mens hats,
such as sailors, golfers, miners.

good thing my little granddaughter
reminded me that the
"witch fairy"
was coming last night...
I had to get up early and make treat bags
with huge black spiders attached.
Hid them on the front porch.
I was also reminded
"witch fairy" comes tonight too.

this means I will be going like this
until Sunday night...
all directions
as two new baby kittens arrived
with them,
extra fun!

and this is their mother in her
"broken doll" costume
her 3rd annual Halloween party is tonight.
This only daughter of mine and her
ready and willing good sport husband
take halloween parties to a new level.
I will blog about it...
there will be a Hearst outside the home
for some great "guest photo shoots",
a real psychic (take a Number, wait in line),
an entertainer,
major decor of strange sorts
like a big jar of real leeches swimming,
that would scare the ba-jeebers
out of you!
good food, costume party.
check back for photo's and more.
In the mean time
come shop today
we can add to your halloween weekend!

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