Friday, October 5, 2012

3 strikes your OUT...

saying is not just for the game
of baseball is it!
sign now available in the shop.

Stretching your dollar...
don't we know "all to well"
how to do this!

this book also available

Our new sunroom rug...
love the texture,color,
with a feel of bumpy,
naturalistic lifestyle.

9th issue of our favorite
Jeanne D Arc living
lifestyle in a class of its own
 is in.
Look at the titles:
Theme bedrooms
romantic and raw
furniture restorations
wreaths and spindle decor
Unique homes
ALWAYS well written
right out of Denmark.

also featured
Late summer in a jar,
that about sums up the garden.
Is yours frozen or slowly
freezing away?
It's chilly isn't it.

Photo of a 2 from the magazine.

Numbers are fun
to play with.
What do you do with them
in your decor for
this season?

1 comment:

Mimi Sue said...

Love that magazine! Really more of a paperback book though don't you think? Conference was rough on the body. Just going to putter today. Mimi