Sunday, October 14, 2012

Park your broom...50% off sale Monday

Park your broom...
all items OUTSIDE
are 50% off!
(items added daily)

We have to do this before the cold
sets in when the outdoors isn't
available for putting
our vintage goods out.

Includes Halloween items such as
our big door panels with witches
spiders and skeletons,
some vintage clothing,
whatever gets placed outside.

I just may get brave and put the
back room 1/2 off the
sale prices...
What the heck...
Let's just do it
we need the Christmas space!

This sale will also be
Monday's advantage is
First choice!

Some say...
"You need a bigger space"
yes, sometimes we too feel that way
but the reality is...
that would mean higher pricing
and we are not willing to compromise
our affordable pricing,
quaint building,
Farmington location,
it gives us a challenge
of stacking our displays
which makes us happy!

We always appreciate your business

With your purchase pick
a complimentary orange paper fan

fly on over...

15 E. state street
Farmington, Utah

see you this week!

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