Wednesday, October 10, 2012

just running to the grocery right back!

Don't wear you Wednesday Pants, on friday

Raising children sometimes
confuses us,
We hear it all the time.

This is something you do...
you stop into the shop and quote
"I'm really at the grocery store"
we all laugh!

Last week I was helping my daughter several days and I found
myself doing the same thing...
lets see...
dropping children off to school in Salt lake and I ended up in
Utah County shopping specialty/antique shops for hours.

Going to the grocery store
I ended up in Salt lake shops.
Another grocery store trip
found myself in Davis county

It's survival, and the survival from WHAT is different to us all.

Tuesday my husband and I took off
North...just for lunch at Maddox, then up to Logan to see the red leaves...didn't come back for
5 hours.
now that
was just
 WAY TOO LONG for me...
(shopkeeper trying to hold Halloween together, with Christmas
coming soon in the works).

We ended up in the deserted Bear Lake area, the desert sagebrush mountains of Woodruff and Randolf (who dares live there?), dodging deer,with
not even a stick of gum in the truck to entain ME.
Whining for just a place that sold

Men and women
"go grocery shopping"
differently, don't they!

I like my way best.

One of my very favorite shops
one in sugarhouse
2100 s. 1029 E.
one on 7490 s. 700 w midvale
This emalee really knows how to run a consignment shop.

We'll be open
make them YOUR
grocery shopping days!

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