Saturday, October 20, 2012

Battle of the bulge...on going

2 new things discovered this week
for fighting the battle of the bulge.

This raw protein drink is just what I needed,
sometimes we just need FAST!

It's tasty too, 84 calories with water,
90 more with coconut/ almond vanilla milk. Found at Green Earth.

I still do the green smoothies for
fruits and vegetables.

How long ago did I start a contest with my
sisters...was it before Labor day?
I have lost only 5-7 lbs.
NOT so good.

I know WHY after starting THIS program today:
it's free, easy to chart your food for the day,
makes you responsible and accountable
and on task for calories and exercise.
Since my sisters are doing this,
Or THEY will win the 15 lb. contest.

My sisters son 14 has lost 25 lbs. doing this
in just a short time.
It makes us track calories,
you simply type the food in and it
calculates it into
water intake
So easy...
let me recommend it highly.
I love having to make a to do list
and checking it off,
it's kind of the same thing.

If your weight has come to a stand still
kind of like ours...
you'll know why with this program.
try it
you'll understand
and it's kind of motivating.

GrAnDchiLdreN WeeKeNd:
Out come the root beer floats and potato salad.
And Chuck a rama (their choice) is not a place
to go when losing weight.
No No No

The witch fairy always comes during the night
with sleep overs

one of two new kitties came with them,
have you ever tried to photo a cat!

Nickel arcade
they had to talk me into this one...
pay to get into one of these places
when they rip you off inside,

Now back to work

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