Tuesday, October 16, 2012

year 1872 ...Corner of State and Main Farmington

In the historic sycamores
Corner of State and Main in Farmington
dirt streets
places to park horse and buggy
year 1872
Francisco's Mexican grill occupies this building.

This photo reminded me of how I sometimes
look or feel
when we are out collecting vintage
for the shop.
UP in the attic's
DOWN in the Rabbit holes,
floors piled deep with years of
mystery stuff,
if it looks scary...
it sometimes IS SCARY!
(dirty too, really dirty)
Just the other day after one of my adventures
my husband said
"weren't you scared of being down there
with him?"
I said NO
"not until you mentioned it JUST NOW!"
It's not so healthy.

SCARY...like these spider fingernails
even the Presidential debate
soon to be televised!

I am bringing in at least a dozen
vintage pieces, not washed nor pressed,
just wrinkled and waiting for you
to do something with them.
price: $10.00 each!
there will be several coats priced a little more
I mostly buy the vintage clothes
for Halloween so come get them
before Halloween comes and goes!

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