Thursday, September 6, 2012

vintage disney

Quick trip,
spur of the moment
day at Anaheim's Disneyland.

It's been 25 years since I have been there
with my husband's family
and our 4 children.

which reminds me...
I discovered a box of old disney toys
out in the garage
last week,
it reminds me to get them
ready to bring in...
for Scavenger Hunt MONDAYS
this month...okay!

Disney in California
seems very vintage, even small,
compared to
Disneyworld Orlando.
I experienced it sitting in a wheelchair this time,
all because I have a nice dr. son in law.
THAT ALONE was a new adventure...
(saved my planter fasciatis foot
from flaring up)
this time
no children
except a 14 year old
yeah, adult rides
no counting little faces
all day long,
Mickey mouse head
shaped ice cream dipped in chocolate.
perfect for a hot day.

love this saying, don't you!

turn head sideways!

Back to work...
the new season is popping up
all over the shop
for our
"All hallows eve
in the historic Sycamores"
we want you to feel you have
stepped back into the early
years of Farmington,
and remember the times
of dirt roads, horse and buggies,
 spooky dark nights
with no street lamps.
I'm scared!

This season you'll find
old photo's
many from Farmington in it's beginnings.
(keep checking the blog)
better yet...
come on in
and if you have an old photo
of Farmington...
we would love to have a copy!
see you
now adding on
thru Christmas

We have lots of Industrial vintage
with 20's and 30's music playing
around the shop.

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