Thursday, September 20, 2012

something's BIG and PINK

Now don't scream!
I know...
you've never seen on of these things
now here you see one...
hair stylist station
on fun,
it's PINK with a black top
It was used for the stylists brushes combs clippies
it was heated for disinfecting.
underneath the pink paint, painted I think 60's
is the green from the 40's
so I'm questioning it's age.

Shelton, the top was for cups
curling irons etc.
see the side handles for transporting?
love this, don't you!
wouldn't this be wonderful for
collection organization?
I want it too!

Birdhouse fencepost double bed
gently used
not at the shop

Pantry cupboard 98.00
painted white, needs paint, vintage.
could use a make-over
especially door knobs.

7 shelves
neat for organizing art supplies

rusty organizer...big
I love this piece
visualize putting this on top of something
and displaying your art supplies
this would have been part of a nuts and
bolts organizer.
at the shop

items outside Friday and Saturday
are 30% off
good stuff
see you soon!

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