Friday, September 14, 2012

chippy white 60's porch/garden furniture

3 swivel chairs
$65.00 each
or less when buying all three.
all the following pieces of porch/garden
chippy white paint furniture
from the 60's

swivel lounger
If you wish to buy me

ornate lounger

I can bring them into farmington
on monday or thursday for you.

canvas covered chairs
would be awesome in some retro fabrics
50.00 each

rustic lounger 60's

rusty Iron fence
40's or 50's
11' long 31" tall
I have some more wonderful pieces
to bring in the shop
IF I can bring myself to part with them!
I will...I think...I must...oh dear why?
I will! insist!

(don't you love this little guy...
he is so Halloween!)
He will arrive monday

Isn't THIS
the most wonderful time of the year!

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