Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She...put her petal to the metal SALE

Having been an over-achiever
in buying all things vintage for the shop
this year
we need to have

Chose anything METAL

30% off inside and out
on all METAL merchandise
because we have alot of really neat things
wheels, springs,toolboxes,
baskets,buckets, farmstuff,
lamps in metal
typewriter tables

guess that would include jewelry
(except consignment)
and guy things
in metal.
(doesnt include wood with metal
just metal).

ANYTHING outside this week
30% off

think halloween
when buying your metal

we also have a sale room

she put her petal to the metal!

My grandson and I have our bike inner tubes
puncher proof now...
we're back on the road again,
perfect weather
isn't it...
don't waste it

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